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Application Of An Agc In Hot Strip Rolling Mills

The thickness control quality of the hot strip mills has been improved remarkably.The application shows that the thickness variation in length of strip is less than 0.08mm and the precision hitting the thickness target is in 0.1mm.

Hot strip mills.Global gauge has installed hot strip mill thickness gauges all across the world.By investing in a global gauge thickness gauge upstream in the rolling process, our customers are able to maximize quality and improve process certainty.

Maximum rolling speed of a cold or foil mill, 8 meters of strip is produced.It is easy to see why automatic gauge control agc is an essential component of modern rolling mills.Comprehensive agc algorithms incorporate readings from dozens of sensors around the mill.Some of the key agc input parameters are speed and tension.See figure 1.

Rolling Mills

Agc system thickness gauge spraying system.Hot rolling mills aluminium slab is heated in preheating furnace before the slab is brought to break-down mill.The slab thickness is dramatically reduced and passed on to the finishing mill to make a coil.Vig makina supplies the hot rolling mills with the following specifications.

In this paper, we propose an effective mechanical-electrical-hydraulic-interfacial coupling vibration model for hot rolling mills and obtain a practical measure to relieve mill vibration.First, an experiment related to mill modulus control gain in automatic gauge control agc is carried out during manufacturing.Rolling mill vibration is observed to gradually be enhanced with increasing mill.

Thickness precision is one of the most important quality indexes in strip rolling process 2, 3.Monitor automatic gauge control agc based on hydraulic roll gap control system is widely used in modern strip rolling mills 47.In monitor agc system, gauge meter is used to measure strip gauge derivation, which is installed at the delivery side of the finishing mill.

Spring model is important restrictive factors to improve the precision of agc control system.To improve the accuracy of strip gauge control, study on various influencing factors of spring model has important significance in rolling process.Therefore, using abaqus finite element software, this paper establishes the whole stand model of strip rolling.

Entry and exit speed for determining elongation or for mass flow calculations.One of the 4-high rolling mills is a reversing mill so the strip could be moving in either direction.Figure 8a is a schematic of the mill configuration while figs 8b and 8c show the polytec lsv sensor installations at 4-high rolling mill 1.

Strip Thickness Control Of Cold Rolling Mill With Roll

In rolling mill, the accuracy and quality of the strip exit thickness are very important factors.To realize high accuracy in the strip exit thickness, the automatic gauge control agc system is used.Because of roll eccentricity in backup rolls, the exit thickness deviates periodically.In this paper, we design pi controller in outer loop for the strip exit thickness while pd controller is.

Furthermore, the above-mentioned hc rolling mill was applied to the continuous hot strip rolling mills at first in the world and came to be able to control the crownshape of the strip freely.Afterwards, a lot of the continuation technologies came to be put to practical use in the hot strip rolling process.

Cold-rolling mill machine sale.Main applications steel coil aluminum coil copper coil your application we also provide high precision cold rolling mill and hot rolling mill you need better cold-rolling mill at good price.Due to government environmental protection and deproductivity action, a lot of good machines are stopped, we can find you second hand rolling mills with good condition and.

Research Of Smith Monitor Agc Based On Active

In response to the characteristics of large time delay, nonlinear, various disturbances in monitor agc system for cold rolling mill, a control strategy combining smith predictor with active disturbance rejection control adrc is proposed.Approximation ability of extended state observer eso to estimate unknown parts of controlled plant model is promoted by model compensated adrc.

C oupling vibration model for hot rolling mills and its application.Jimin w u, x iaoqiang y an 1796 journal of v ibroengineering.N ovember 2019, v olume 21, issue 7 above-mentioned mathematic models include only mechanical and interfacial subsystems and give no considerations to the hydr aulic and the electrical subsystems.

Research on application of smith predictor to monitor agc in hot strip rolling mills.

Research On Application Of Smith Predictor To Monitor Research On Application Of Smith Predictor To Monitor

Iterative Learning Control With An Improved

The long time delay in the monitoring automatic gauge control agc of strip rolling by a tandem hot mill adversely affects system stability.To solve this problem, internal model control imc and iterative learning control were applied to a monitoring-agc system.A mathematical model of the hydraulic gap control system was established focusing on the seventh stand of a 1450-mm tandem hot.


11.Jian shao, anrui he, wenquan sun.Research and application of vcr plus technology in hot strip millsc, 2011 2nd international conference on mechanic automation and control engineering, mace 2011 - proceedings, 2011 5120-5123 12.

Main features of a modern hot strip mill.The objective of a hot strip mill hsm is to reheat and roll thick slabs into thin strip with a wide range of thickness.Because of its huge size and large investment a hot strip mill need to have a life time of several decades.

Hot and cold strip rolling processes.Author links open overlay panel pierre montmitonnet.Show more.Distance between roll barrel end and force application point roll deformation x.The multistage character of strip rolling on tandem mills where the strips is.

Hot And Cold Strip Rolling Processes Sciencedirect Hot And Cold Strip Rolling Processes Sciencedirect

Improvement And Application Of Automatic Gauge

Mill modulus control mmc is one of important methods on automatic gauge control agc systems of strip rolling mills.It would result in a slower adjusting speed of strip rolling gap to combine the former agc system and mmc simply without changing the compensating coefficient of rolling efficiency, which was deduced in detail by some inferential reasoning formulas.A new compensating.

Flatnes control system for hot strip mills effect on automatic gauge control automatic gauge control agc of final stand of finishing mill had not been used before flatness control was developed.The main reason is that when agc of final stand is activated, the variation in rolling force injures flatness of the strip.

Flatness Control System For Hot Strip Mills Flatness Control System For Hot Strip Mills

Brant hydraulics has extensive experiences and capabilities on building heavy-duty cylinders for steel mill applications.Steel mills cylinders have been one of our strength over years and our customers are always satisfy with our cylinders.Over the years, our steel mill applications has covered the whole steel making production line.We have experiences in doing all the steel mill cylinders.

Hot strip mills mechanical equipment.Sms demag hot strip mills 8 the coilbox arranged between the roughing stand and the finishing mill of a hot rolling mill forms coils of transfer bars, thus serving as both material and heat accumulator.During uncoiling, the former transfer bar tail runs into the finishing mill as transfer bar head.


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